The effects of asbestos manifest years, or often several decades, after exposure.

The dispute in question concerns civil liability from exposure to a carcinogen. This type of legal action is often brought against manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of asbestos, a known carcinogen used simultaneously in several products. Mesothelioma cases typically involve people facing a terminal disease and terrible hardship. Mesothelioma often manifests a long time after exposure to asbestos. In fact, it can typically take several decades for the symptoms of the disease to appear.

Other asbestos-related diseases include lung cancer and asbestosis.

The Brandi-Carabellese law firm holds manufacturers, distributors and anyone who has marketed asbestos responsible for the onset of mesothelioma, proportional to their level of participation. Our lawyers have successfully represented many clients (Italians and Europeans) who worked for American oil companies, thus forming a precedent in United States law.

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