The Law

Brandi-Carabellese is a law firm with decades of experience defending workers in complex civil disputes. We specialise in defending the rights of victims of illnesses or accidents at work, such as in the event of exposure to carcinogens, harmful chemicals and/or toxic substances. The firm has also accrued experience in tax law and in defending the rights of victims of serious injuries and fatal road traffic accidents. Although the experience of our lawyers is diverse, they share a common goal: to obtain compensation for any harm or injury suffered to their clients from those responsible

Defending the rights of our clients is our number one priority.

The lawyers of Gennaro Luca Brandi & Nicola Carabellese practice throughout Italy and are involved in all trials within their area of expertise in which they have accrued decades of experience, from asbestos cases to tax law disputes.

Founding members

Gennaro Luca Brandi

Nicola Carabellese


Our experience

Brandi-Carabellese settles disputes with both Italian and foreign jurisdiction. It has also successfully represented individual Italian workers in litigation against American multinationals. Today, Brandi-Carabellese is one of Italy’s most experienced law firms in the field of diseases contracted following exposure to harmful materials. It has offices in Naples at via dei Mille n.40 – 80121; in Rome at via A. Salandra n.18 – 00187; and in Milan at via S. Raffaele n.1, zona Duomo – 20121.

Our approach

We start by immediately getting to work on your case so that we can promptly entrust all the necessary research to professionals.

Each of our partners will lead a multidisciplinary team in order to structure your defence in the best possible way. Our dedication, coupled with our litigation experience and expertise, make us a formidable force in the fight for justice.

Brandi-Carabellese thoroughly prepares every case and sees it through until the end of the trial. Legal proceedings are expensive, complicated, and drawn-out affairs that entail a great deal of risk, and success favours the party that leaves absolutely nothing to chance. We are highly selective in the cases that we take on and we put our heart and soul into meticulously preparing for each and every one.

Our resources

Our outcomes are improved by our external resources, in the shape of a very capable and agile team of experienced partners and lawyers. This allows us to represent our clients in multiple courts across the country. Our resources include a medical resources department that is second to none and an extensive litigation support department.

Our tools include a variety of databases full of scientific and forensic information that contain more than 10,000 medical and scientific articles. These databases are updated and selected daily to obtain information pertinent to our cases, granting our teams instant access to the latest scientific data, medical literature, and forensic news. This helps ensure that our dossiers and our strategies are thoroughly researched and appropriately supported.


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